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Life Events

because life happens; we are here for you


We would be delighted to share in the baptism of your child! Or, if you are an adult exploring your

faith, we would be delighted to explore the next steps on the journey with you.

We always encourage families to seek baptism in the church where they are involved - but we are

also aware that, sometimes, there is a real and tangible link to another church. We would be happy

to talk this through with you. 

Your first port of call for baptism should be attending worship with us.

If you would like to know more about establishing a connection with,

and joining the household of faith at Emmanuel, do please get in touch with us. 

You can download our Baptism Brochure HERE

The Baptism Application Form can be downloaded HERE

We encouraged parents / caregivers seeking baptism to consider becoming

pledging members of Emmanuel. You can find out more about supporting

the Mission and Ministry of Emmanuel on our Giving page


an update is coming soon

MINISTRY at the End of Life

The Rector, Fr Jonathan, is an experience End of Life Care practitioner (grief therapist, clinical manager).

He is available for end of life care ministry, as well as ministry around dying, death, and bereavement.

When the time come, Emmanuel Episcopal church is available for funeral services and memorial services. Whether the person who has died was a member of the church, or not, we will be pleased to support you in the planning of a Christian funeral. 

A service in church allows people as much space as they want to express thanksgiving without the pressure of limited time - such as is often experienced in other venues such as crematoria or funeral homes.

There is a standard format and structure to Anglican / Episcopal funerals (see below). In every funeral service, we gather to do FIVE things: remember, give thanks, commend a soul to God's keeping, to commit the body for cremation or burial, and to comfort one another. The structure of the service reflects these elements:

1. Welcome, introduction, and opening prayer

2. The Tribute / Eulogy

3. Reading(s) - at least one from the Bible

4. Prayers and Lord's Prayer

5. Commendation

6. Committal

7. Blessing

There will also be music and hymn choices to consider, the use of an organist and choir, we are here to help you in any way we can.

When the committal is cremation (rather than a burial) it is also entirely possible to hold the entire service in church, with the committal as part of a single service. This allows the family and guests to stay together for the entire service, and move seamlessly on to the wake (if there is to be one). The cremation takes place at your designated crematorium (unaccompanied) with the ashes returned to you in due course (or in time for the service in church).

There are several options to discuss and we urge you to think carefully and talk through your wishes with family and those working with you to support in these important final tasks of love. Please contact us to discuss the right service for your loved one, then please speak to your chosen Funeral Director and they can arrange this with us.

Why not check out our Funeral Planning Guide HERE

We also have a funeral liturgy template HERE, containing all the elements 

as outlined above.

Bereavement Support / Learning to live with Grief

Managing, and learning to live with, our grief is an important part of living well.

The Rector can offer up to 12 free bereavement support sessions (one-to-one).

You might also find our grief workbook helpful. It can be downloaded HERE.

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