Our Rector:
The Reverend Shelby Ochs Owen

Our rector, the Reverend Shelby Ochs Owen, began her duties as priest-in-charge on February 3, 2013. As of July 1, 2015, she officially became the rector of our congregation. She previously served as Associate Rector of Trinity Episcopal Church, our near-neighbors in Staunton. Shelby holds a Master in Divinity degree from the Virginia Theological Seminary, in Alexandria. Prior to her work at Trinity, she had served as Associate Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Ivy, Virginia, and St. Anne's Episcopal Church in Reston, Virginia. She and her husband Steve Owen have three adult children, and reside in Staunton.

E-MAIL ADDRESS: priest-emmanuelstaunton@verizon.net

Organist/Choir Director:
Sarah Grove-Humphries

Our organist, Sarah, is a busy musician! In addition to serving Emmanuel on Sundays, she also serves as cantor at the Temple House of Israel, where she is a member. During the week, she teaches a variety of Musikgarten classes in Staunton and Waynesboro for children from infancy to age 9. For more information, see Sarah's Music Studio.

Secretary and Bookkeeper:
Mrs. Lucy W. Dennison


Members of the Vestry:

Senior Warden: Mitzi White (2015-2017)

Junior Warden: Jim Echols (2017-2019)

Co-treasurers: # Leonard Pittman, George Sproul

Clerk: Bonnie Starcher (2015-2017)

Samuel Dawson, III (2017-2019)

Meneta Deaton (2017-2019)

Matthew Poteat (2015-2017)

Rick Marks (2015-2018)**

Phyllis Whetzel (2016-2018)

Laura Yordy (2016-2018)

NOTE: At the parish's annual meeting on December 10, three members of Emmanuel were elected to serve three-year terms on the vestry: Bev Coffman, Daniel Lynn, and Daniel Nessar. As of the beginning of 2018, they will replace Mitzi White, Bonnie Starcher, and Matthew Poteat. In addition, Wendy Brown was elected to serve for the remaining one year of Rick Marks's term.

The years refer to each member's term on the vestry.

# The Co-Treasurers (or the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer) participate in vestry meetings, but are not voting members.
** Elected to a regular three-year term after serving the final year of a previous term.

Emmanuel Vestry 2017

The members of the Vestry, Emmanuel Episcopal Church, for 2017.
BACK ROW (from left to right): Bonnie Starcher, Mitzi White, Meneta Deaton, George Sproul, Jim Echols, Matthew Poteat.
FRONT ROW: Laura Yordy, Sam Dawson, Rev. Shelby Owen, Phyllis Whetzel, Leonard Pittman, Rick Marks.

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